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September 2021









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Turkmenistan Tennis Federation is preparing ball-boys for the Davis Cup


In preparation for the Davis Cup, which is scheduled for September this year, the Turkmenistan Tennis Federation is working on the preparation of ball-boys.

As you know, ball-boys are persons from among young people who serve a tennis tournament, namely, feeding balls to players. For the first time, ball boys began to serve the Wimbledon tournament in 1920, in 1977 ball-girls were introduced to these roles. The boys attended the men's tournaments, and the girls served the women's. Since 1980, both boys and girls have been included in the ball-persons team.

Well-trained ball-boys on the Davis Cup tournament are one of the hallmarks of the excellent organization of the prestigious tournament. At the present time, at the Ashgabat stadium, TTF regularly conducts theoretical and practical classes for a ball-boys team, consisting of 50 people. The team consists of boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 14.

Federation Press Secretary Batyr Rejepov: “Of course, being a ball-boy in the Davis Cup is not just prestigious, but it is advisable for guys who are seriously interested in tennis. After all, this is a unique opportunity to watch the game of professionals, to follow the tactics of the game. In addition, ball-boys can easily get an autograph from tennis stars, take pictures with them. Since their main task is to minimize the break between draws, they undergo special training. This allows them to clearly know their responsibilities, while not interfering with the players. "

On Thursday, May 20, TTF will hold practical exercises for ball-boys, after which they will gain experience in the semifinal and final matches of the Championship of Turkmenistan.