Turkmen tennis players participate in the Davis Cup tournament

The national tennis team of Turkmenistan will start the Davis Cup tie with the Iraq national team. Our compatriots will play in the IV group of this tour in the zone of Asia and Oceania in Isa Town (Bahrain).

The twelve teams participating in the Davis Cup qualifiers for Zone III Asia and Oceania are divided into 3 groups: Group A - United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Guam, Bahrain; Group B - Turkmenistan, Oman, Iraq, Mongolia; Group C - Iran, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Yemen.

The top two and second teams from each group will advance to the playoffs, with the winners advancing to Zone III Asia and Oceania next year.

In Bahrain, the national team of Turkmenistan is represented by the first racket of the national team Isa Mammetgulyev, Yuri Rogussky, Atlymyrat Gurbanov, Meylis Orazmuhammedov, Gurbanberdi Gurbanberdiev, Hajymyrat Charyev and Sahedov Gurbangeldi. The team captain is the head coach of the national team, Mirali Gasanov.

Turkmen tennis players have been participating in the Davis Cup since 2004. They achieved the best results in these competitions in 2015 and advanced to the playoffs of the III group of the zone of Asia and Oceania in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

"Turkmenistan: Golden Century" newspaper