Turkmen tennis players won the third victory at the Davis Cup tournament in Bahrain

The third victory in a row was won by Turkmen tennis players at the Davis Cup tournament in the city of Isa Town (Bahrain). After victories with the same score 3:0 over the national teams of Iraq and Mongolia, our compatriots in the final round today also confidently defeated the team of Oman, which occupies the 118th place in the world tennis rating - 3:0.

The masters of the big racket of Oman have been competing in the Davis Cup since 1994. They achieved the best result in it in 2008 and 2009, when they played in the II group of the Asia and Oceania zone.

For the national team of Turkmenistan, which advanced ahead of schedule in the playoffs of the competition, the match with the team of Oman had no tournament value. Nevertheless, the captain, head coach of our team Mirali Gasanov did not change the winning line-up of the team, which in three meetings gave only three games to the opponent.

It is noteworthy that all three fights lasted less than an hour. In the first of them, Yuriy Rogussy beat Marvan Alkhanjari in 51 minutes - 6:0, 6:2. In the second - the shortest match, which lasted 37 minutes, the first racket of Turkmenistan, Isa Mametuliev, did not give a single game to Isa Ali Alsuleimani - 6:0, 6:0. And in the doubles duel, which also lasted 37 minutes, I. Mametkuliev and Y. Rogussky easily defeated the duet of Ali Al-Busaidi / Isa Ali Alsuleymani - 6:0, 6:1.

Thus, convincingly outplaying all their rivals, the national team of Turkmenistan confidently took 1st place in group "B". The fate of the second place in this group and the last participant in the playoffs will be decided on October 22 in a duel between the teams of Iraq and Mongolia.

In other groups, the teams of Saudi Arabia (“A”, 1st place), the United Arab Emirates (“A”, 2nd place), Iran (“C”, 1st place) and Cambodia (“C”, 2nd place) advanced to the playoffs. ). Which of the teams - the United Arab Emirates or Cambodia - will be the rival of the Turkmen tennis players in the playoff match, will be known by the results of the draw.

According to the Secretary General of the Tennis Federation of Turkmenistan Eziz Dovletov, both teams are not weak. And our tennis players can play with each one.

Recall that the top three teams based on the results of the playoff matches will receive the right to play in the III group of the Asia and Oceania zone next year.

Source: https://turkmenistan.gov.tm/