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At the Ashgabat Central Asian Tennis Championship (U-12) the time has come for decisive meetings

Today, the matches of the third game day were held at the ongoing Central Asian team tennis championship among boys and girls under 12 years old in Ashgabat. On this day, the national team of Turkmenistan met with the winners of last year's tournament in Tashkent - the tennis players of Kazakhstan, who demonstrate a game that is mature beyond childhood on the courts of the capital's Olympic village. Remind that on the opening day of the championship, Kazakhstanians easily won against rivals from Afghanistan - 3: 0, and on the second day of the competition they defeated the male and female teams of Tajikistan with the same score. The match with the national team of Kazakhstan was not easy for our compatriots, who tried very hard and at times offered worthy resistance to experienced opponents. So, in the first singles match among young men, the pupil of the Turkmenabat tennis school Ali Geldiyev, taking one game in each set, fought to the last for every point in the game against Arnur Tursynhan. After playing six set points and two match points, Ali still lost in both sets - 1:6, 1:6. The first female number of our team, Aylar Kakabayeva, who fought for every point, also tried to impose a fight on her rival Yasmin Dussembayeva from Kazakhstan. In the first set, with the score 3:1 in favor of the Kazakhstani tennis player, she had break points on her opponent's serve. Aylar could make a break and close the gap to a minimum. Then, on her serve, A. Kakabayeva would have a chance to level the situation. But the game was played for a long time and ended in favour of Y. Dussembayeva. In this way, the score became 4:1 in favour of the representative of Kazakhstan, who, having received a psychological advantage, brought the victory in the first set to 6:1. In the second set the situation almost repeated itself: our athlete won the first game. However, then she allowed her opponent to come forward with a decent margin – 4:1. After that, A. Kakabayeva won back a point by making a break. Then the score became 5:2 in favor of a tennis player from Kazakhstan. In the last game there was an equal fight, but at the decisive moment A. Kakabayeva failed to win back the match point. The match turned out to be long and difficult for our girls, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, the captain of the women's team of Turkmenistan, Mirali Hasanov, had to make a substitution in the doubles match, giving a chance to prove herself in a duet with Anna Ponyatova, a very young 10-year-old Nazli Hudaygulyyeva. But even in doubles, more experienced tennis players from Kazakhstan turned out to be stronger - 6:0, 6:1. Having won two singles matches and a match in doubles, the men's and women's teams of Kazakhstan made a significant bid for victory in the tournament. To do this, they still have to beat the representatives of Kyrgyzstan and the national team of Uzbekistan, with which the owners of the courts - the Turkmen people will meet on the 8th of June. The team of Uzbekistan today in the match with the representatives of Afghanistan was awarded a victory - 3:0. But the boys of Tajikistan and the girls of Kyrgyzstan recorded their first victory as an asset. In the men's tournament, the team of Kyrgyzstan, due to an injury to player Alan Bogdanov, was unable to complete the game with rivals from Tajikistan, who were awarded the victory - 3:0. And in the women's - the representatives of Kyrgyzstan were stronger than their counterparts from Tajikistan - 3:0. On the penultimate game day of the Central Asian Championship (U-12) tennis team of Kyrgyzstan will play with the team of Kazakhstan, and representatives of Tajikistan will meet with rivals from Afghanistan. The closing ceremony of the tournament will take place on the 9th of June. Correspondent «GA»

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